How To Use Spell Word

Please find below a small guide on how to use Spell Word application available from Android Play Store.

Application is available for download from Google Play™ Store.

Get it on Google Play

After downloading app from the Google Play™ Store. Launch the app on your Android device.

First Screen of the app is


Front screen allow users to interact with application in different modes. Some of the modes are

  • TEACHER – teacher mode allow users to setup the app for usage. In the teacher section user can add words, add sound, create list and more.
  • STUDENT – Student section allow users to learn words added by teacher. Different modes of learning are available. Student can learn to pronounce words and enhance their syllabication skills, student can learn to spell word and finally student can play a game from the learning and get marks based on that.
  • SETTINGS – settings allow teachers to change the size of test. Very important feature in settings section is to share the content with friends. Teachers can share contents by giving there content to friend and also receiving content from friends.

Once you enter teacher section by clicking teacher button you will see next screen as


First teacher screen